Transcript The Office

STEVE CARELL: This is quite the honor having these people present this to us. [applause] I was craning my neck, “Oh my God! There she is! They’re there! Oh my God!” Let’s get serious for just one second. Webster’s defines the word “ensemble” as follows: “a complete costume of complementary clothing and accessories.” [laughter] And even though this is not the right definition, I think it applies to our cast. [laughter]

I’d like to – we’d like to thank Greg Daniels, our executive producer… [applause] for being the person who assembled the ensemble, and choosing people who get along, who work well together, who enjoy each other’s company, who are friends. Also Allison Jones who took part in that trip. [applause] It’s really a great honor and we will treasure this. Thank you. [applause]