Transcript The Matthew Shepard Story

God, you think for someone who’s on the stage that much, I’d know how to make an entrance and an exit [laughter] but sorry it took me so long to get up here.

Anyway, I don’t know what to day except thank you. There really isn’t anything more to say, but I’m going to say something else anyway, which is that I think acting, in my opinion, is only as good as the people you act with. It’s really that simple. And in this case, I was incredibly fortunate to have an amazing lovely group of people, especially Shane Maier who played my son, Matthew Shepard.

And above all, I have to pay a tribute to a man who is one of my favorite people, one of my favorite actors, and between the two of us, you have honored me and him by saying that we were able to create this marriage of these two people, Judy and Dennis Shepard. And so, I share this award with Sam Waterston. Thank you so much.