Transcript Will & Grace

I am so glad I got this because now I can get this. [laughter] They’re just going to go right through here and it’s going to be just a six-pack in like four days, they said. [laughter] Thank you.

I have to say — I have to say I’m completely shocked. I have nothing prepared. [laughter] And I have to say, I have to say thank you to the other guys in my category. I can’t even believe I’m with you guys. I truly watch every one of those shows, and you guys are freakin’ hilarious. [laughter] And I really think you’re great.

And more so the cast of "Will & Grace," Eric, Debra and Megan. I love you guys so much. And every week you guys really make me happy to be an actor, and really are so special to me in my heart. And I thank the Lord. And they’re so sick of hearing me say this, but we’re all so blessed to be able to do what we do every single day. I mean, it’s not so far along ago that I couldn’t even pay my rent. And now I can pay all your rent. [laughter] So thank you very much. [applause]