Transcript MOONLIGHT

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Barry.

I -- I think what I've learned from working on Moonlight is we see what happens when we're persecuted. They fold into themselves. And what I was so grateful about in having the opportunity to play Juan was playing a gentleman who saw a young man folding into himself as a result of the persecution of his community, and taking that opportunity to uplift him and tell him that he mattered, that he was okay, and accept him. And I hope that we do a better job.

You know, when we kind of get caught up in the minutia, the details that make us all different. I think there's two ways of seeing that. There's an opportunity to see the texture of that person, the characteristics that make them unique. And then there's an opportunity to going a war -- to go to war about it, to say that that person is different from me. I don't like you, so let's battle.

My mother is an ordained minister. I'm a Muslim. She didn't do backflips when I called her to tell her I converted 17 years ago. But I tell you now, we put things to the side, and I was able to -- I'm able to see her. She's able to see me. We love each other. The love has grown, and that stuff is minutia. It's not that important.

So I want to -- I want to thank Tarell Alvin McCraney for his courage. I want to thank Barry Jenkins. Just -- just for your insight your brilliance and your direction and just the collaboration, that opportunity. I will always hold that close to me. I want to thank the -- my fellow castmates who -- any one of those young men could be up here holding this. I tell you. It's beautiful work.

So Plan B, A24, thank you. Peace and blessings be upon you.