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This is Emma Stone's first win in this category. She previously received actors for her work in the cast of "The Help" and "Birdman."

Okay. Thank you so much for this. Wow. To be an actor playing an actor and receiving an actor by a guild of actors, it's pretty exceptional. Thank you. Oh, it's counting me down. Okay. I forgot everything that I ever have thought in my life. Okay. So thank you. I'm just -- thank you so much to Damien Chazelle for this opportunity and for creating such a collaborative and beautiful atmosphere on set. We felt so heard by you, and that's unbelievable.

Ryan, you are the best. That's just the truth. No one can argue it.

The women in this category, really quickly, Meryl and Natalie and Amy and Emily, you guys inspire me beyond -- I mean, you are just -- you are the greatest and your talent and your intelligence are mind blowing. And, uhm... please wrap up. Okay.

I was just going to say that I feel insecure a lot of the time. Genuinely. And you know, like, feeling like I could deserve anything like this requires a little bit of mental gymnastics for me. But then I was thinking about the films and the art and the shows that I've seen this year, many of which were by the people in this room. And... I don't know, to get to be a part, even a tiny, tiny part of a group of people that cares about reflecting society and bringing people joy and making them laugh and -- and giving people hope maybe or -- or -- God, I know I have to wrap up. I feel like I'm going to faint.

Just, we're in a really tricky time in the world in our country and things are very inexcusable and scary and need action. And I'm so grateful to be part of a group of people that cares and that wants to reflect things back to society. So thank you. I said that twice, I'm sorry. Thank you. Good God.