Transcript FENCES

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you very much. I -- you know, I'm a God-fearing man. I'm supposed to have faith, but I didn't have faith. This -- God bless you all, all the other actors. I said, well, you know that young boy's gonna win, Denzel. You ain't gonna win. I didn't even prepare, but I am prepared.

Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Eugene O'Neal, Edward Albee, August Wilson. First, I thank Paramount, Brad, Mark Evans, Alanna, Todd, decent partners. Who else? Scott Rudin, Scott, who -- who brought me the screenplay seven years ago. Charles King, who believes in us, and we in him. And congratulations to him. I heard he just made another big deal.

Who am I leaving out? I know I'm leaving folks out. The whole cast. The -- and -- and the team at Paramount, Megan and Brian, thank you for your support and your help.

SAG, listen. We're just actors. You know, I'm famous and all that kind of stuff, but I have the same fear opening night, first preview, that anybody else has. We all have the same job. And this is not a testament to me, but it's a testament, obviously, to August Wilson. But God dog it, Steven Henderson, Myk- -- I'm getting choked up. Mykelti, Seniyya, Jovan. You know, the guys that don't get recognized. So fellows, Seniyya, here we are.

Oh, one last thing. Two. Viola Davis.