TAYLOR SCHILLING: Thank you so much. We -- is everybody up?

EVERYONE: We're all here.

TAYLOR SCHILLING: Okay. We would like to thank SAG and AFTRA and everyone at Netflix, Ted, Sarandos, and Cindy Holland and everybody at Lion's King, and of course, the brilliant Jenji Kohan. We wouldn't be able to do this without her and our crew. But mostly we'd like to say that we stand up here representing a diverse group of people representing generations of families who have sought a better life here from places like Nigeria, the Dominican Republic,.

JACKIE CRUZ: Puerto Rico.

TAYLOR SCHILLING: Puerto Rico, Columbia, Ireland, Brooklyn. Yes. And we -- okay. And we know that it's going to be up to us and all of you probably, too, to keep telling stories that show what unites us is stronger than the forces that seek to divide us. Thank you so much.