Transcript The Queen

Oh Lord… Be still my beating heart. Be still. Thank you. Thank you very much Screen Actors Guild. What an incredible night for me personally. Thank you to Stephen Frears, the director. To Peter Morgan, the writer. Without those amazing words none of us can do what we do. And we all know that, us actors.

But, you know, when I did my costume fitting for “The Queen,” I walked in and I saw all those sensible shoes, and those tweed skirts, laid out in a row, and I cried. I thought, “I can’t play anyone who chooses to wear those clothes, I just can’t do it.” [laughter] But I learned to love the person who chooses to wear those clothes because I learned to love a person without vanity, but with a great sense of discipline that I understand. With a great sense of duty that I understand. And with a great deal of courage, and that I understand.

Thank you very much, this is a great night for me. Thank you. [applause]