Transcript THE CROWN

Thank you so much. I -- I never would have cast myself as Winston Churchill. This was the bright idea of Peter Morgan, Stephen Daldry, Mia Gold. They hooked me up with costumer -- I'm sorry. I'm -- our wonderful costumer Clapton, Michelle Clapton. A great make-up artist, Ivana Primorac. A great dialect coach, William Conacher, and put me into a magnificent cast of about 50 wonderful English actors that, by our marvelous Claire Foy, sitting over there.

These are the people who have delivered me up to this podium. Not to mention Ted Sarandos and the Netflix team. Andy Harries and the Left Bank team. Brian Swardstrom and Tony Lipp, my team. Always and ever, my wife Mary.

Thank you so much SAG-AFTRA and the SAG awards, actors honoring actors. And in that spirit, I would like to honor Sterling, Peter, Rami, and Kevin.

And also a great and underrated actress, who somehow managed to speak my exact thoughts three weeks ago in another award ceremony, and that's Meryl Streep. Thank you so much.