Transcript Chicago

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh my God! Whew! And a kiss from "Mr. Bond." Jesus. [laughter]

Okay. Whew! [whoops] Okay. Thank you. [laughter] Thank you to my fellow actors in the Screen Actors Guild. When you start out you kind of hope that you’ll get enough work so that you don’t have to schlep the longnecks anymore, but I never imagined that I would stand here tonight in such esteemed company with these ladies that, God, I have admired for so long — hell, my friends who I love and who make me proud. Salma and Julie and, my God, I just .

. . I have a lot of people to thank so I will apologize ahead of time for talking way too long, but I’m going to anyway. [laughter] I have all my friends at Miramax that I have to say to say thank you to, thank you for making film, because every actor should the opportunity to be in something that they love so much.

Thank you to my "Chicago" family, the naughty kids in church over there. [laughter] Wonderful actors. Catherine, congratulations on tonight and the BAFTA and Las Vegas and et cetera, et cetera.

Beautiful Latifah, it’s your moment. I’m so proud of you, you’re wonderful. Richard Gere, not a bad day at work. [laughter] Go and see your smiling face every day.

Marty Richards, Kander and Ebb, thank you for letting me be part of your dream. Neil Meron and Craig Zadan who were there every single day, every step of the way. Denise Faye, Cynthia Enrouba, Joey Pizzi and John De Luca who gave me the steps.

Bill, who’s a brilliant screenwriter, congratulations on your nomination last night. Paul Matt, Randy Rick, Jeff and Elaine for standing by me at the piano. Dale for stitching up the dresses that Colleen Atwood so beautifully created . My fellas Brant, Bri, Kev, and then my girl Jenny who takes such good care of me along with Nancy and Leslie, who make sure that my purse matches my shoes.

And John Carrabino, my rock, I swear to God I would not standing here without you, because y’all — we all know that it takes so much more than just a little luck, it takes somebody to believe and he always believed.

And Rob Marshall — everybody? [applause] My friend who I love so much. Congratulations on DGA Award, you so deserved it. You’re the most generous person that I’ve ever worked with in my life. I’ve never seen a person multitask like you did, take chances on so many people like you did, and help such a great vision come alive the way that you did, because you were so kind. Thank you for that.

Every single one of you in here needs to get on the phone and get a lunch with Rob Marshall next week. [laughter] And to everybody out there who’s digging through the couch cushions for the change for your SAG dues, keep digging because it’s a great life.

Thank you for this. Thank you. [applause]