Transcript ALL THE WAY

Thank you so much to all of our brothers and sisters in SAG-AFTRA for this award. I'm deeply honored.

Thank you also to HBO, to Amblin Entertainment, to Moon Shot, to UTA and Independent PR. My wife Robin, our daughter. So many people.

I'm -- I need to thank Bill Corso, whose make-up made me look like L.B.J. To Robert Schenkkan, whose brilliant script made me feel like L.B.J. And to Jay Roach, whose sublime direction made me behave like him.

I'm often asked how would Lyndon Johnson think about Donald Trump. And I honestly feel that 36 would put his arm around 45 and earnestly wish him success. And he would also whisper in his ear something he said often as a form of encouragement and a cautionary tale. "Just don't piss in the soup that all of us gotta eat."

Thank you very much. Good night.