Transcript American Gangster

RUBY DEE: Thank you so much.

VIGGO MORTENSEN: Here it is. Congratulations.

RUBY DEE: Oh, thank you. And it’s heavy, too. Well, this is my first time holding one of these boys. Well, what an exciting time to be an actor, in the first place, and also to be in such a film as “American Gangster.” And working with my good friend, Denzel, and with the people I’m seated with here now, like Cuba Gooding, Jr., who’s here with me now. And I saw so many in the company – Roger Guenveur Smith – anyway, and Russell Crowe, and also to work with a director like Ridley Scott. In a film that took place where I was born, with some of the very streets, as part of the picture. [laughs] And I found that intriguing… [laughter] It reminded me of all the things that happened in that time. And the realities that informed that film were astonishing.

And part of me forever came from that place, and that place comes from me, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to have been part of “American Gangster.” And I thank the Screen Actors Guild so much for this award. It is… [applause] I accept it also for my husband, Ossie, because I think, you know, he’s working on things up there. [laughs] [applause]

And also, I can’t believe that last year we won a Grammy for our autobiography, "In The Spoken Word," and now this marvelous award for an “American Gangster.” And I’ve dug up things of his and published a book of his, and it’s going well. So, I’m feeling very, very, very lucky. Thank you. [applause]