Transcript No Country For Old Men

My grandparents were actors in a time when actors were not allowed to be buried on sacred land, because they were homosexuals and prostitutes. So, it’s been a long way to come here, and that’s something we the actors should apply to ourselves. [applause] I’ve been very lucky tonight because somebody thought that I could be included among these extraordinary actors: the great Tommy Lee Jones, Hal Holbrook, Casey Affleck, Tom Wilkinson, whose performances will stay with us forever. But to receive this is totally unbelievable, and I’m a Spanish actor, and we welcome this award with all of you – from all of you. It’s more than I can express in words.

I want to share this with my very good friend, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee, and Kelly Macdonald, and with a great cast of “No Country For Old Men.” And to dedicate it to the Coen Brothers who ultimately are responsible for all of this. Thank you guys for hiring me, and thank you for taking the hard work of choosing the good takes, instead of the ones that I was really – I mean, where I really sucked. [laughter] Thank you very much for that. And thank you to Scott Rudin, Paramount Vantage, and Miramax for allowing me to be part of this, but especially to Screen Actors Guild for this beautiful privilege.

Thank you. [applause]