Transcript No Country For Old Men

JOSH BROLIN: I love it, Tess is telling me, 47 actors, don’t forget the little actors. [in “little” actor voice] “I would like to accept this from… ” [laughter] This is Javier Bardem’s 497th award. It’s sad. It’s sad for the rest of us.

I’d like to say, thank you, this was a very big cast and there’s very few of us up here. And like Tess says, there were 47 people in this cast, each and every one making this the movie that it has become.

And it is a risky movie, and it’s nice to have risky movies now, you know? Especially this year, I think it’s a cornucopia of change, and it’s about story now. [applause] And the studio system is backfiring, awfully, and it’s fun for us actors. So, I’d like to say thank you to SAG. I’d like to say thank you to the ever so passionate Scott Rudin, who’s wonderful, [applause] who embraces a film as it should be embraced. To John Lesher. [applause]


JOSH BROLIN: Who? The Coen Brothers. I’m taking my time, man. This is my frickin’ moment. [laughter] All right? Back off, Woody. [laughter]


JOSH BROLIN: Who else? “Please rant.” Okay. And Miramax, thank you so much .

You know, this is – the Coen Brothers are freaky little people, you know? And we did a freaky little movie, whether you like the ending or not. [laughter] [applause] So, thank you. [applause]