Transcript John Adams

Thank you so much. What an extreme honor to receive an award from Mr. Borgnine. Thank you so very much. My fiancé told me if I was to win this, not to fondle the Actor, so I’m going to leave him [laughter] right there, and just look.

There are so many people in this room who I care deeply about. Whether I have gone to school with you, or you are a neighbor of mine, or we are friends, or you have been kind to me when things have not gone well; or you’ve been humbling with me when things are going well. I am so proud to be a part of this remarkable community of actors. I especially am grateful for the remarkable work of the women in my category. You have inspired me and will continue to do so, I know.

So, thank you all. I also have to thank my agent, Tony Howard and Brian Mann, who are here this evening. Aleen Keshishian, Jennifer Plante, my family in Georgia, who I don’t get to see enough of. My new family in Chicago, who I’m thrilled to be joining; my fiancé. Thank you all very, very much.

And to everyone for “John Adams.” The joy of making that project was that I got to spend a lot of time with a lot of wonderful, wonderful actors, and I will treasure that memory always. Thank you so much. [applause]