Transcript Brothers & Sisters

Oh, gosh, this is a heavy Actor. Oh, dear, I thought it would be a “cable girl.” And such good actors they are. Wow. Okay, so here I am. You know, I’m so proud to be a part of “Brothers & Sisters,” and I have to start by thanking all of them, ABC and Disney, for supporting us. And Ken Olin and Sarah Caplan, and Monica Breen, and Jessica and Schapker for keeping the show going. And all of our fabulous writers. Our amazing crew. The actors work hard, but the crew works three times as hard, let’s face it.

But my family are these actors, these wonderful, wonderful actors. I am really here because of them. And, I grew up in a working acting family. My step-father was a stuntman. Matter of fact, I think that was one of his stunts up there that you saw, underneath all the horses. And he was an actor. And my mother was a struggling and working actress, and they were – my step-father was a member of the Screen Actors Guild board, when Ronald Reagan was the president. So, acting and the Screen Actors Guild have been in my life always.

I have been an actor for 45 years, and... [applause] I am so proud to be an actor. And so proud that my fellow actors would give me this. I mean it. Actors…we inspire, we provoke and we entertain, and never, ever has that been needed more in this country than it is right now. [applause/cheers]
Thank you for this. It means so much to me. [applause]