Transcript House

Thank you. This is amazing. I actually had a hundred dollars on James Spader. [laughter] This is just not my night. [laughter]

Seven years ago I was making a film in the Namibian Desert, against the advice of my agent, who was convinced that the more films you do, the harder it is to break into television. [laughter] And I got a few pages of a fax – I was faxed a few pages of a script, it had no title, but I fancy that I knew instantly that this was an extraordinary character who could go the distance. That’s a complete lie. I had no idea. And this is absolutely amazing to me now to look back over these last six or seven years. It’s been an incredible journey, and made more incredible by my, as it were, traveling companions.

With an incredible cast, incredible crew – I’d specifically like to thank David Shore and Katie Jacobs, who are the heart and soul of the show. [applause] I don’t know which is which, that’s really a casting issue. [applause] I’d also like to thank Brandt Joel, Christian Hodell, and lastly, the Guild – the Guild, the Guild – you. Lastly, Brian and Susan Borg [sp] who do the craft services on “House.” And they do the finest cheesy eggs this side of the Rio Grande. [applause]
Thank you very much indeed. Thank you