Transcript 30 Rock

JANE KRAKOWSKI: Thank you. Tracy Morgan and I had an agreement that if the Arizona Cardinals made it into the Super Bowl, I would be speaking for the show from now on. [laughter] We’d like to thank everyone in the Screen Actors Guild for voting for us. We would like to thank our friends at “The Office” for their generous lead-in every week.

A great ensemble is – should be better than the sum of its parts, and that is definitely the case here, because some of these people are just weirdos that we picked up off the street – Jack McBrayer. [laughter] We’ve all been lucky enough to be a part of great ensembles, on stage and on TV. And I was lucky enough to be a part of “Ally McBeal” for five years, but I can honestly say that this ensemble is a thousand times heavier. [pause, then laughter]

Thank you so much, everyone. And we thank all of our friends in Long Island City. [applause]