Transcript Milk

Thank you and good evening, comrades. [laughs] [laughter] That was for O’Reilly. You know, something happened to me during the making of this movie. I noticed it tonight where I noticed that the two statues have rather healthy packages. [laughter] But, you know, as actors we don’t play gay, straight; we don’t play any of these kinds of people. We play human beings. And this movie is something that we’re, all of us involved, are so proud of. And I, and we, are all so appreciative of this acknowledgment, because this is a story about equal rights for all human beings. [applause]

But I have to – I’m going to speak a bit quickly and tangentially, because I’m just too embarrassed to write a speech ahead of time. One doesn’t want to anticipate anything, especially in this crew. I wept at every one of these guys’ performances. It’s – you’re stunning and... [applause] and I’m going to just pick one thing out of the air, because I do also have to say I don’t agree with everything that happened tonight. [laughs]

And so I’ll just do a random shout-out to one of the unacknowledged, because there’s so many, that happened during this season, like Benicio and Steve and “Che,” which was so great. [applause] [cheers] And all of these nominees, but as, you know, one has to admit, that we know that the – you know, at least for television, whatever happens – whether it includes Mickey or I, or not, at this next thing – we know that the TV people have got their dog fight. But they’re idiots because what they don’t know, and that me and my fellow nominees know, is that we’re all so proud and challenged by each other.