Transcript Slumdog Millionaire

ANIL KAPOOR: Well, it was overwhelming enough to be nominated. But to win this is unbelievable. It’s unbelievable. [applause] [cheers] Our gratitude to the great, the genius, Danny Boyle. [applause] [cheers] Our Hollywood producer Christian. [applause] And the man with the Midas touch, Peter Rice. [applause]

The entire crew, and definitely, how can I forget the children. [applause] This award, they deserve it. They deserve this award. They set our performances. It’s the children who have done it, not us. So this is on behalf of the children. Thank you very much. [applause] [cheers] Yeah.

FREIDA PINTO: I know this would make the kids really happy, so I’m going to take all the names. The little ones, the ones that played Little Jamal, Salim and Latika, Ayush, Azharuddin and Rubiana. [applause] Tanay, Ashutosh and Tanvi, the Middle Jamal, Salim and Latika. [applause] And Madhur, who couldn’t be here – Jamal’s brother Salim – thank you so much. Everyone deserves this.

And one more person, Loveleen Tandan, our casting director. We wouldn’t be here without you! Thank you so much!
[applause] [cheers]