PHYLLIS LOGAN: Thank you so much. To Screen Actors Guild, SAG/AFTRA, for this, the best bad boy-slash-bad girl award ever. Thank you. And in the spirit of ensemble…

LAURA CARMICHAEL: Oh, thank you. I just wanted to say, on behalf of all of us, a big thank you to the woman who put this ensemble cast together, our amazing casting director, Jill Trevellick. You changed our lives, thank you so, so much. [applause] Thank you to our crew.

ALLEN LEECH: I want to thank the “Downton Abbey” cast for letting me to come up with them, because I’m actually sitting on a different table. So, thank you. [laughter]

SOPHIE McSHERA: Yeah, he didn’t choose to sit with us. And we want to thank our amazing crew, they’re incredible - so those, too.