Transcript Whiplash

J.K. SIMMONS: Thank you. This is really beautiful to be acknowledged in a room full of peers, by a union full of peers. And, I feel like all of us actors are supporting actors, whether it’s Miles Teller, who’s in every scene of the movie – think about it. [applause] Or myself, or Paul Reiser, or Melissa Benoist, Damon Gupton, who is in one scene, Tarik Lowe, who has one line. Each of us is not only supporting the story, the movie, the play, the whatever it is that we’re doing. Each of us is essential, completely crucial to the story.Because if there’s one false moment, the train comes off the rails and our willing suspension of disbelief is gone and we have to earn it back.

So, I would like to thank the 49 actors who appear onscreen in “Whiplash” for realizing Damien Chazelle’s vision so beautifully. And I would like to thank… [applause] Yes, please.

I would like to thank my extraordinary wife, Michelle Schumacher. We met 24 years ago as actors together on Broadway, and 16 years ago she became a full-time mother to our above-average children. [laughter] And after many, many years of doing that, she’s now stepped to the other side of the camera, writing and directing and producing, which is awesome because it’s more jobs for me… [laughter] Because I’m sleeping with the director, so… [laughter]

Thank you to the Screen Actors Guild, and thank you, Mom and Dad. [applause]