Transcript Still Alice

JULIANNE MOORE: Thank you so much, the Screen Actors Guild, for this. When I was on “As the World

Turns”... [laughter] Yeah! I was so excited when they wrote two parts for me, you know, the classic twin sister

role, the good and the evil one. And I couldn’t wait to do it, and I was so excited. Then I realized it was super

boring to act by myself. [laughter] And what I really loved, what I really craved, and what was most exciting for

me, was being with another actor and feeling that intimacy and that excitement and that thrill of getting to know

somebody in that way. And that’s what keeps me coming back to acting again and again and again.

And I want to thank my partners in this movie, the adorable Hunter Parrish, the exquisite Kate Bosworth, the

magnificent Alec Baldwin, the compassionate and sensitive Kristen Stewart. I wish that they were here with me

tonight, I really, really do. And I want to thank them for letting me get to know them a little bit. And I also want to

thank my professional partners, the people who have supported every weird choice I’ve ever made. Yeah, Josh

Lieberman, the Huvane brothers, the gorgeous Huvane brothers, Kevin and Stephen. I heard – just heard now the

“H” is silent. [laughter] And my...and the woman who always returned my calls, and picked up most of the time,

my long-time manager of 25 years, and friend, Evelyn O’Neill. [applause] Thank you so much.

When I...when I was 17, I decided I wanted to be an actor. It didn’t seem possible because I’d never met a real

actor. So, I want to say to all you kids in the drama club, you know, you guys are the real actors. Thank you so

much for letting me be part of this community. Thank you very much. [applause]