Transcript BIRDMAN

EDWARD NORTON: As Dorothy Parker said, “Age before beauty,” so ladies and gentlemen, Michael Keaton.


MICHAEL KEATON: Thank you. This is very, very exciting. It’s the ultimate team sport what we do for a living.

These guys are unbelievable. Every time I turned around I ran into another tremendous actor. But, to look at all

the great actors out there, and people who have laid themselves on the line and put it all out there, this is for...

Alejandro and all of you, and the producers. And these guys are tremendous. And I’m proud to be a part of this

group. [applause]

NAOMI WATTS: (tripping) Oh! My God! Wow! Okay, I’m—

KEATON: Except for Naomi.

WATTS: Thank you to Fox Searchlight, and the Screen Actors Guild. This was a wonderful experience, so

collaborative. And Alejandro, you’re a genius. And John Lesher and... come on. You guys... [applause]

ZACH GALIFIANAKIS: When I was on “As the World Turns”... [laughter] [applause]

AMY RYAN: There’s no way to follow that. Just thank you so much. Thank you. [applause]

EMMA STONE: This really is absolutely amazing, and it’s so incredible to look out and see so many wonderful

actors. And...[someone in audience yells, “I love you!”] I love you, too. [laughter] This was such an honor and this

movie was such an incredible experience. Thank you. We’re so grateful. [applause]

EDWARD NORTON: It’’s fun to be an actor, but as everybody in this room knows, it’s a true privilege to be a

working actor. And in a Guild... [applause] And it’s a triple privilege if you ever get to work on something that you

love as much as a piece of material like this. And we owe that thanks to Regency and Fox Searchlight for having

the courage to risk their money making this movie. Thanks very much. [applause]

ANDREA RISEBOROUGH: I thought I’d got away with maybe a hug. [laughs] I just want to say, it’s a privilege

and a pleasure to be an actor. And I think my favorite thing about acting is being with other actors. And it’s

amazing that people allow us to do it. Thank you to all of the people who allow us to do it. Thank you. [applause]