Transcript Shameless

WILLIAM H. MACY: I have written so many great acceptance speeches that I never got to give. [laughter] But, not tonight. [laughter] Okay… to my fellow nominees… nah, forget it, you lost. [laughter]

John Wells, you were so good at so many things, it’s become annoying. Thank you, Showtime, you’re bodacious, keep on keeping on. To this cast – I don’t know why you’re all not nominated, maybe next year. To the crew, Kevin McKnight and his merry band, they shoot nine pages a day and don’t blink. It’s like watching a middle aged ballet. [laughter]

And our writers, you need therapy, but you’re very funny. If you’ll indulge me for a second…Georgia, Sophia, look what your dad did. And finally, Flicka, I love going to bed with you, too. [applause] Thank you, I’m proud to be an actor. [applause]