Transcript Olive Kitteridge

FRANCES McDORMAND: Okay, okay now. [laughter] I love what I do. Thank you for inviting myself and Mr. Richard Jenkins to the party. We love what we do, we’re proud of it, and we love “Olive Kitteridge.” I wish… [applause]… this is really swell and everything, but I wish that we could all get some really cozy slippers, a box of See’s nuts and chews, [laughter] hang out and watch more of our work. Because every [laughter] little snippet that I see, I just want to see more and more.

This is a celebration, right? We’re celebrating. We’re also – it’s a proclamation. I’m proclaiming if you haven’t seen “Olive Kitteridge,” you need to. [laughter] [applause] You can stream it, I don’t know how. You can watch it on an intercontinental flight I’ve been told. You can get the DVDs on February 9th, give it to someone as a Valentine’s Day present.[laughter] And I’m doing a show down at the Redcat with the Wooster Group called “Early Shaker Spirituals.” Come see. [applause] Thank you. [applause]