Transcript Modern Family

JULIE BOWEN: Thank you. We’re gonna make Sofia talk because America loves her and her boobs. [laughter]

SOFIA VERGARA: [laughs] No respect. Anyways, this means so much to us because it’s given from you our fellow actors, and because it’s so mind-blowing that – because we respect all of you as the other nominees, and because I can barely speak English. [laughter}

But we have to thank, of course, our amazing creators, and the writers that work so hard to make us sound funny. To our whole crew that make us look so pretty. To ABC/Fox for making us feel so comfortable. To our incredible—[Julie whispers in her ear] My boobs. [Julie laughs] No… To Jeff, our costume director. To everybody that makes “Modern Family,” and of course, to our fans that make – let us have the best job in the world.

Thank you so much. SAG, we’re going to party now. [applause]