Transcript American Hustle

BRADLEY COOPER: Wow, thank you so much. We have so much gratitude from our Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA to be a part of this night, and to be also acknowledged alongside of the other incredible ensembles that are here in this room tonight. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of it. [applause] And throughout all this year in film; what a strong year in film.

We couldn’t have made this movie without the support of Amy Pascal, Michael Lynton, Sony, and Annapurna, Megan Ellison, Matt Budman, all the producers, Jon Gordon, Chuck Roven and Richard Suckle.

But, I just want to say one thing, so often we’re lucky enough to even get a job. And, often our anticipation, our excitement, supersedes the experience. Because you walk on the set and you’re excited, you have one day, and you’re lucky if the director talks to you, when they tell you to hit your mark. And then you’re gone and it’s over and you thought, “Wow, I was kind of better in my mind.” But not with David O. Russell. Not with David O. Russell. Even if you get a chance to audition for him – and everybody who has, knows it – he’ll spend 45 minutes on a Skype session with you. He makes you feel like you are part of the family, whether you’re Robert De Niro or you’re Patty Meck, you are part of the family.

He is an actors’ director. That notion is tossed around; he is the embodiment of it. He’s the reason why all of us wanted to become actors when we were children, because he loves it. It’s not out of any sort of charity, it’s because he demands. Much is asked of us, [applause] and if we deliver, much is returned. Thank you, David, this award is for you. Thank you. [applause]