Transcript Downton Abbey

PHYLLIS LOGAN: We are so not expecting this. Oh! Shut the French windows, honestly. Oh! [laughter] Oh, would somebody grab this. Oh, we… here. Oh! We would like to thank, well, first of all the SAG for even bothering to consider us against this fantastic category that we’re in. We’re just absolutely overwhelmed by it all. And here’s Allen, Sophie and Michelle and Amy.

If I forget anything, come and whisper in my ear, will you? And, thank you to PBS, Rebecca Eaton, for putting us on in the first place. NBC Universal. Must thank Julian Fellowes, of course, who started this whole thing going. And all at Carnival Films, Gareth Neame, Liz Truebridge, and, of course, Peter Fincham at ITV. What else have I forgotten? Anyway, we wouldn’t… hey? Yes! We… [laughs]…all our fellow Downtonians who can’t be here, we’re really sorry and wish they were. But we wouldn’t be a proper ensemble without our crew who are amazing. And they’re as much part of it as we are. So, here’s to our crew. In fact, all your wonderful crews as well, I’m sure, too. Thank you so much. [applause]