Transcript Modern Family

JESSE TYLER FERGUSON: I’ve been elected to speak for the group. We are so honored to be nominated against the brilliant casts of “Glee” and “Nurse Jackie,” “Big Bang” ratings – “Theory.” But also I think we’d be doing the evening a great disservice if we didn’t mention the brilliant departing cast of “30 Rock” and “The Office.” [applause] You all have set the comedy bar so high, and if we can just be half as brilliant and smart and wonderful as you are, then we’ve succeeded.

We’re all fans of yours, except for Aubrey, she has no idea who you guys are. But if we can absorb any of you into our cast, if you need jobs, please call our casting director, Jeff Greenberg. Which brings me to Jeff Greenberg: thank you so much for these jobs. [applause] All of us are indebted to you. Ed O’Neill was offer only so he’d probably be here anyway. And I think Sofia had a development deal, but the rest of us are very indebted to you.

Thank you so much. This is a huge honor. We love being actors. You’ve been so generous. Thank you. [applause]