Transcript Homeland

CLAIRE DANES: Wow! That’s very cool. So, I guess I’m an “actor,” I’m not an “actress.” That answers that question. This is amazing. Thank you. Thank you very much. As a brand spanking – or “Spanxing” – new mom, I keep finding myself referring to the cliché of “It takes a village to raise a child.” And the same is very much true of making a television series. And it means everything to be here with my buddies, my cast, my brilliant cast.

You know, I am the recipient of this incredible collaboration and the success of my performance is hugely defined by that of those I work with. Mainly Damian, the dark or light side of my moon, depending on how you look at it. Mandy… and David and David. And also the actors… Rupert now, our new cast member. The actors I don’t really get to act with actively so much, Morena and Morgan. But we are so very connected and, you know, Morena, for example, runs my lines with me almost every night, while making dinner for me. So, I’m just so indebted to them.

And my team, Michael Aglion, and Jodi Gottlieb, Cliff-Gilbert Lurie and my date tonight, Stephanie Ritz. My other date, Brian Swardstrom. Stephanie, I remember when, my agent, when we were talking about potentially taking this role on, she said, “Well, you know, you’ll have a lot to do!” [laughter] Which is kind of the understatement of my career.

So, I owe all of that “doing” to Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon and Gideon Raff and Michael Cuesta. Thank you so much. This really means an enormous amount to me. Thank you. [applause] Oh! And my husband my baby!