Transcript Breaking Bad

BRYAN CRANSTON: Thank you. Oh, it is so good to be bad. [cheers] I am so pleased and so honored to receive this award. I’d love to thank our very courageous network, AMC, and our all- supportive studio, Sony Television. Our writers, directors, our beautiful crew in New Mexico who work so hard. Also, Vince Gilligan who wrote… [applause]…he wrote the role of my career and I am forever grateful to you, sir.

To my lovely wife and daughter, Robin and Taylor, who wrote…who created the role of my life, I love you guys so much. I am so pleased that I am here with this table of great actors, with Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn, [applause throughout] Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk, RJ Mitte, Dean Norris, Laura Fraser, Jesse Plemons, Steven Michael Quezada, Betsy – I’m so excited.

Thank you all for – and all the actors who have graced our stage with their talent. Thank you for making me a better actor and a richer man for knowing you. Thank you to Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas, our beautiful casting directors. [applause] What a wonderful job. And to my brothers and sisters in SAG-AFTRA who have endowed me with this wonderful, wonderful award. And so, tonight at least I’m well endowed. Thank you very much and goodnight. [applause]