Transcript 30 Rock

ALEC BALDWIN/ Jack Donaghy- “30 ROCK” (NBC)

ALEC BALDWIN: Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!! Oh my God!!! Hey, Kristen. Oh my God! [laughter] I just want to say, the only thing this means to me is that obviously you people love Tina’s writing and you love Robert Carlock’s writing. I want to have a big round of applause because everybody… [applause] in television – it is not going to work unless you have great writing. I mean, no offense to everybody else here, but we have the greatest writing. We have the greatest writers. We have Tina and Robert Carlock and John Riggi and Hubbard and Burditt and all these people, and Kay and Tracey, too many to name.

And it’s been a real pleasure, it’s been a real honor, and I just want to say, this is so amazing to me to have this happen so many times in a row. I’m so happy, I’m so touched. And this year I was asked to be ambassador—I’ll put in a plug for the SAG Foundation – I was asked to be ambassador – hey, Brad – of the SAG Foundation. [applause] Which does a lot of outside work, chief among which is their literacy program, Book Pals. Why don’t you check that out online, Book Pals, and do what you can do to help the SAG Foundation?

Thank you all very much, it’s a great pleasure. Thank you.