Transcript The Help


VIOLA DAVIS: You know, we arrived on the set in July in 2010, with such a heavy load on our shoulder. Such great expectations were already there for this book that was so beloved. And it’s been such a labor of love. And they say that the ensemble is just a group effort, just brought together to create a singular effect. And all these actors on the stage gave up their ego and were able to just work. And it’s been such a joy to just be a part of this cast.

And me and Octavia, we have merged into “Aibileen” and “Minny,” by the way. [laughter] And I just want to say that the stain of racism and sexism is not just for people of color or women; it’s all of our burden, all of us. [applause]

And we absolutely – I don’t care how ordinary you may feel – we all of us can inspire change, every single one of us. Thank you. [applause]

OCTAVIA SPENCER: Thank you, Screen Actors Guild!!!