Transcript The Fighter

[choking up] My God! [applause] Thanks, Dick... I’m much better when I have my words written for me, and somebody’s costumes to put on, like Mark Bridges’ beautiful outfits. But when he showed them to me on the hanger, boy, I thought, “I don’t think so.” [laughter]

This has been an extraordinary season for me. I am so proud to be a part of “The Fighter.” I’m here tonight with six of the seven girls that played my daughters in the film. I couldn’t be here with all y’all actors and not bring them along, right? [applause] Thank you, girls. Thank you for helping me get a man I can bring home with me tonight. [laughter]

Thank you, Screen Actors Guild, I don’t know what is ahead for all of us in the future now. If we’re talking about joining together and making the voice of the working actor stronger, let’s join together. Let’s make it a real voice. Unions made this country great because it gives the voice to the working people. I’m sorry to get political, and they’re saying wrap it up.

Thank for this opportunity, Mark Wahlberg and David O. Russell. Thank you, Brad Gray. Thank you Relativity. Thank you. [applause]