Transcript Temple Grandin

Wow, okay. So, this is an incredible category. These are my friends who I’m nominated with: Winona, Susan, my fellow little ladies – little women – Catherine and Julia. Okay, so in some ways this was a very isolating character to play, I played an autistic woman who had trouble reciprocating. And I couldn’t even look my fellow actors in the eye, but I was so crazy blessed to work with really some of the finest actors out there: David Strathairn, Julia, Catherine.

On the second day of filming I was just suddenly so panicked, I was overwhelmed – I had a real crisis of confidence. And I was shooting a scene with Catherine and she just used every tool in her, like, bag of funny. She just – she, like, was mugging and making faces, and she, like, crossed her eyes, and she did anything she could to just make me laugh and get out of my head, and chill out! And she rescued me then, and that kind of support was so abundant throughout this whole experience. So thank you.

Thank you, Mick Jackson for creating such a provocative, imaginative, wonderful story. Thank you, Temple, who is no act. She’s a real thing, I just played her on TV – on HBO. And thank you to my favorite, my favorite husband, my favorite actor, my favorite man, my Hugh – my Hugh, my love. I love you. Thank you.