Transcript Black Swan

Thank you so much. Jeff Bridges, thank you. [applause] And to all the actresses in this category and the performances this year in general. I’m so humbled to be among you. And I’ve been working since I was eleven years old, and SAG has taken care of me. They made sure that I wasn’t working too long and made sure that I got my education while I was working.

And I’m so grateful to have this Union protecting me every day. And... [applause] my fellow actors in the film: Mila, Vincent, Winona, Barbara, all of the dancers, everyone who helped me prepare for the film; Mary Helen Bowers who trained me for a year. And of course, Darren Aronofsky, our director, who I love so much.

My parents who, you know, always tell me to work my hardest and never me an asshole, never acceptable. [laughter] And my fiancé, Benjamin Millepied, I love you very much. Thank you. [applause]