Transcript The Good Wife

What an honor this is, I can’t even tell you, I’m incredibly moved. I love my job so much and I’m so grateful to Robert and Michelle King for giving me just the role of a lifetime really. And all the writers and producers on our show are so spectacular, and make going to work such a joy. And thank you New York for keeping us – well the Teamsters who have been digging us out of the snow for the past two weeks. And my brilliant, brilliant crew, and my talented cast, I cannot tell you – Fred Murphy, I’m the luckiest actor on television to be standing in your light.

And Dan Lawson to be wearing your clothes, and Beth Kushnick to be on your sets. And Andrea and Rose and Colleen and my Joe for taking such good care of me. And Alex Nhancale, I could not survive without you. And Cari Ross, thank you for 16 years of friendship and pristine guidance. Oh God, Michelle Bohan, Steve Dontanville, Frank Frattaroli, I cannot thank you for all your dedication and support. My beautiful family and my sweet friends, you’re all so inspiring to me.

And I just want to say thank you to my in-laws. [laughter] Ken and Jane Lieberthal, thank you for producing truly the most spectacular human being who I get to call my husband. Life is just better with you in it, Keith. [applause]