Transcript Boardwalk Empire

STEVE BUSCEMI: I lost my speech, I had it written on the other paper and I don’t know where it is, so I don’t have any of the names that I wanted to thank. But I’m so glad that this cast won because I love them all so much. We love all the actors in our cast. We want to thank HBO for giving us this opportunity and all the support that they give us: Richard Plepler, Sue Naegle, Michael Lombardo, Jocelyn Diaz – who am I forgetting, I don’t know. Gene Kelly, we want to – well, all the producers. Now I have time left and I have to keep talking. Somebody else could talk, I’m supposed to represent.

PAZ DE LA HUERTA: Thank you Ellen Lewis in believing in me and everybody here. You’re phenomenal. And Martin Scorsese, of course. And Terry Winter.

STEVE BUSCEMI: Thank you so much. This is an honor, thank you so much.