Transcript The King's Speech

GEOFFREY RUSH: Thank you to the – it shouldn’t be called the SAG Award, it should be called the “Uplifting” Award. [laughter] They’ve asked me to speak because at one point the film was going to be called The King’s Speech Therapist. [laughter] But then they decided against that. You’re aware, this is an amazing ensemble. There are two families in this story: there’s a royal family, there’s a colonial family. I’d like to steal this opportunity because you know all these people. I would like to congratulate as part of this ensemble win the members of my onscreen family: Dominick Applewhite, Ben Wimsett, and Calum Gittins who played my family, [applause] along with Jennifer Ehle. [applause]

Playing Helena and Calum’s children, the lovely Freya Wilson, who plays our current queen when she was 10-years-old. And Ramona Marquez, the young boy, Jake Hathaway. To me it’s one of the most heartbreaking shots in the film, when he comes up as my protégé to welcome the Duke of York into his first lesson. I think it’s an astonishing performance.

At the top end of the scale we have such a roll call of extraordinary heavy hitter actors, the likes of Michael Gambon and Derek Jacobi, and Timothy Spall, the list goes on and on. On top of that I would particularly like to sing about the delicious Claire Bloom who I only got to meet in the trailer. [applause] That she puts us all in this company one degree of separation from Charlie Chaplin, which I find kind of overwhelming.

If we think about it, if young Freya Wilson for example, reaches the maturity and goes on to act in a way that Claire Bloom has done, she could well be standing up here in 2070, and that’s what our industry’s about. Thank you very much. [applause]