Transcript The Fighter

CHRISTIAN BALE: Well, thank you so much, you know, this being...


CHRISTIAN BALE: Hey, Dicky! All right! [laughs] All right. This is the original “placker” [sp] right here, you know! [cheers]

DICKY EKLUND: All right, buddy. Good job, Christian.

CHRISTIAN BALE: Thank you, mate. Thank you for living the life, and thank you for letting me play you, you know.

DICKY EKLUND; How do you like me now?

CHRISTIAN BALE: You’re a real gentleman, you know, mate? I like you now. I like you now.


CHRISTIAN BALE: Thank you so much, guys. This is really meaningful getting it from fellow actors. I truly appreciate that. And, you know, these speeches often get boring because the problem is that when you win something you realize just how many other people you’re dependent upon. So, you know, absolutely, to my fellow actors, they were just stunning. To my director, producers, the writers, Relativity, Paramount for pushing this, recognizing what they had here, you know, I really appreciate that. Thank you so much.

You know, I love acting, I love what we do. It’s so bloody silly at times, isn’t it? You know, it’s like playing dress-up and other times it is so meaningful and I just enjoy that so much; we get to walk in other people’s shoes. And, you know, a life without empathy is no fun at all, and I appreciate being able to do that.

I sometimes get asked by young actors, you know, hey, how did you get into this business, and it’s such an elusive, so mysterious business to get into, isn’t it? And I’ve never had any bloody answers whatsoever. One thing is, just in finding people fascinating. You know, I find people endlessly fascinating and as long as you can do that, then each project seems like something new. And like you’ve got no idea how to do it, you’ve got to discover something once again.

Also, bumping into Mark Wahlberg ain’t bad. All right? I mean, it helped me immensely. If anybody else can manage to fix that one, it’s good for... Having a great team around you, and my mate, Patrick Whitesell, has had my back for so many years. And then the most important team of all, my wife and my daughter. Thank you, my loves. I love you. Cheers. [applause]