Transcript Grey Gardens

Um, um, okay. Thank you very much. Again, I’m not used to this, and, um um, um... Okay. But funny, improv is usually a good thing, and it’s backfiring on me very badly right now. I’m someone who – I want to speak from my heart and spontaneously, and this is not going well. Um, I just – I’m very proud to be a member of this Guild, all 120,000 members are just incredible. [applause]

And this started in 1933, and my family was – the Barrymores were acting at that time, and I’m very honored to keep their name alive. And I’m very... [applause]… honored to be in this room with you. And Jessica, to be in your company. And Michael, for you to give me a chance, I’m incredibly indebted. Because we just want so badly to express range and to try things that we never thought we could do, or take risks.

And right now I feel really sick—[laughter—and nervous, and that is a good thing. Because when you feel that way, I think you’re on a good path, at least in a professional sense. [laughter]

Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. [applause]