Transcript Mad About You

Thank you very much. This furthers my theory that I am currently the luckiest woman that I know. First of all, Paul Reiser, with all due respect to everyone in this room, is the best. Not only the funniest person I’ve ever seen, but the best actor ever. And I feel that I have been graced to work with this person everyday. [Applause] It’s like getting to play the best acting tennis ever, everyday. So I’m incredibly lucky.

Anne Ramsay, Leila Kenzle, and John Pankow are laughing right now because I forgot to thank them when I won the Golden Globe - A and B – Paul and I have gotten a lot of attention from this show and the truth is there are five of us and they’re not only incredibly talented and incredibly funny, but my dear friends. So I’m honored to get to work with them.

Our writers Danny Jacobson and Jeffrey Lane and our whole staff of writers, they’re why were here and I’m standing in front of you. I’d like to thank my manager, Connie Tavel, Stephen Huvane, and Adam Venit.

And, Thank you very much. [Applause]