Transcript Picket Fences

I just don’t know really how to tell you all how much this means to get an award for acting from actors.

I have to thank David Kelley for seeing me in this role. I think David has written me one of the best roles ever, regardless of gender or any medium actually. I think he knows how I feel about it.

I wanna thank every single person who works on Pickett Fences. I love you all. Thank you for making me look so good. Thank you to my oldest son, who’s here tonight, for keeping my feet on the ground. I don’t know what I would do without you and your beautiful, little brother and your most excellent father. Oh ah, times up it says.

I can hardly carry this thing. I hope you all get to feel this some day. It’s incredibly heavy.

Thank you very much. Thank you. [Applause]