Transcript NYPD Blue

Wow, get the car. I guess it’s safe to say that ah, indicating from three of the five nominees, that there is life after hair [laugh]. Thank you.

I am very honored to be the first recipient of this award. And it would be impossible for me to accept it without acknowledging the wonderful cast, which I think is the best cast on television. I have to give respect for the people responsible for creating the characters that we are fortunate enough to bring each week to the show. And that is Steven Bochco, David Milch, Gregory Hoblit are wonderfully gifted writers.

I need to thank Judith Moss, Jack Fields, Sam Gore, Cynthia Synder for making my life easier so I can work.

And on a personal level, My bride to be Jonie Zack and our two wonderful girls, Tricia and Krista who make my life complete. I am a very lucky man, Thank you very much. [Applause]