Transcript The Piano Lesson, Hallmark Hall of Fame

Oh my, Oh wow. I have to put this down, this is really heavy – is it going to fall?

Thanks, thanks, just like thank you Screen Actor’s Guild: all of my friends, all my…

I have to remind myself that this is going out to millions. I see my friends here tonight and we’re so use to cutting up together and the suits out here, except the suits we like – so I have to behave myself. But I am just so psyched. This is like really, really excellent. Thank you so much.

I am so grateful that my life has lead me to this community of people. I can’t imagine spending my life in any other industry. We’re vagabonds, clowns, queens, crackpots. You are my friends. You are my partners. There is no performance I think I have ever done that has been a vacuum.

We are only as good as we are to each other and I just.. I’m so happy and thrilled. I want to remind us that we must never judge ourselves by other people’s opinion of us. We got to find someway…searching to come to a respect and love and a honesty about ourselves, about our craft. And to all of us, many of us, for most who are at home, who never working, who are seldom working, who are not just trying to fashion a career, just trying to pay the rent. You hang in there, keep the faith and celebrate that fact right now.

This is so cool, this kind of makes me laugh when they say “and the actor goes to”. Now I got to find him some work too. Thank you. [Applause]