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Wow. Hey. [APPLAUSE] Thank You. Thank you very much. Thanks. [APPLAUSE] Thanks.

Every week we employ half of the Screen Actors Guild on our show, so I appreciate that. Thank you to members of SAG, who I’m proud to be a part of. I’m also very proud to be part of an incredible group of actors: Julianna Marguiles and Noah Wyle and Eriq La Salle and Sherry Stringfield and Laurie Reuben and George Clooney—who I’ll hopefully play his Bat Boy to his Bat…uh I don’t know to his…Cat boy, I don’t know what I can play.

Most importantly, I have to thank my wife who supports me constantly and I love and adore—Jeanine Lobell. And uh, in trying to think of who to dedicate this to, it makes me think about the fact that it’s unfortunate that we live in a country in which we don’t provide healthcare to all of our people, [APPLUASE] because we’re obsessed with the survival of the fittest. So, this goes to all the real EMTs, the real emergency docs, the real nurses, who are taking care of people all over the country and we’re thankful to them and we hope we continue to portray the in the light in which they work.

Thank you all! I love you. Goodnight. [APPLAUSE]