Transcript Friends

MATHEW PERRY: We’ll very fitting to get this award from this man, Ted Dansin, who’s show inspired us.

This is an informative night for me because I always thought this award was a wardrobe award, So that’s kind of nice to know now.

We’re thrilled and amazed and so honored to be included in a group with such great shows and we have to thank: Marty Kauffman, David Crane, and Kevin Bright for bringing a great script every week. [Applause]

And, all the people at NBC and all the people at Warner Brothers. Tony Jonas, Less More. And Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer

LISA KUDROW: Jennifer Anniston

MATHEW PERRY: Jennifer Aniston, I know! Couldn’t be here tonight because they’re doing publicity for the show and thank God for that! Because we’ve got to get a way to get this show out there to let people know that its about friends that drink coffee and say funny things.

But ah, we’re honored to be honored by you all – the actors and wow! Okay. [Applause]