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ANTHONY EDWARDS: Thank you very much. This is like half of our ensemble. George and Noah obviously aren’t here. And Sherry and Eric, but there here in spirit sending their regards.

First I have to thank a group of people I didn’t thank before which is Warren Whitfield and Don Warmen for their support. Tony Jonas, John Wells – our creators and our studio.

But when it comes to an ensemble, this is an amazing ensemble and I have to read their names and you have to meet all of them. Abraham Benrubi, Yvette Freeman, Ellen Crawford, Deezer D – you can’t mess with him, he’ll kill ya, Vanessa Marquez, Laura Innes, Connie Marie Brazelton, Bill Masey, Christine Elise.

And this honestly, this is truly an award we wanted to win tonight because that’s what we do, we work as a group. So all you, every body else who – NYPD, everybody, we all know what its like to do an ensemble. This is our first time out. We respect all of your work so much. Thank you for honoring ours. [Applause]