Transcript Apollo 13

Thank you all. I just love to act. I really do. I keep thinking there’s something else I’ll get good at. I just keep trying to get better and thank you for this.

It gives me chance to thank a really great group of actors. Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon were all prepared to go up to the moon while a group of about forty of us were in mission control working four or five weeks at Universal Pictures. And this was a great group of actors. Ron Howard assembled a great group of guys and we worked really hard together. [Applause]

And, I hope a lot of the ma re watching this because this is for you guys as well as me.

I am really appreciative - talk about support. This was – I just can’t tell you how hard we worked together and how much we wanted the film to work. Some of these guys are on the screen for all of two seconds but they were there everyday all day long working there butts off.

I have to thank Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. I’ve got to thank my beautiful wife Amy. [Applause]

I’ve also got to thank God and Mother Earth for the precious gift of life. Thank you. [Applause]